The Stupid Haskeller

Stupid is seriously undervalued by Haskellers

Welcome to my blog where I plan to write mostly about developing software in Haskell — which I have been doing on and off for these past 33 years (since it was called Miranda indeed.)

Why The Stupid Haskeller?

Haskellers are famously into clever, mathematical abstractions, and let’s be candid, are tempted to think of ourselves, collectively, as frightfully clever. Maybe the infamous learning curve required to get started in Haskell reflects this (but surely reflects many other things).

I have a pet thesis that this love of cleverness is actually quite stupid because a community that does not have deep-pocketed backers will only thrive if many people use it. But everybody knows that the world is predominantly made up of us stupid fellows, relative to the really clever.

I think us stupid folks have been a little neglected by the Haskell community, much to our detriment, and one of the things I would like to do with this blog is explore this important topic.

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